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Printing Tips

Here are some printing tips to take in consideration when preparing your files for great results.

PDF,s are easy to send because of their small size but can't altered like Illustrator and InDesign files.
Rich Black: a good mix is 45 Cyan, 35 Magenta, 20 Yellow, 100 Black.
For better printing, use rich black instead of single-color black for any design element whose area exceeds 1/8th inch horizontal, 1/8th inch vertical. Also, use rich black instead of single-color black for font sizes larger than 16 points.
Before sending your files, make sure all images are at least 300 dpi.
Digital printing runs more economically than offset. Some industry experts maintain that the "cross-over point," where offset becomes less expensive, is at 5,000 impressions.
Aqueous coating is a fast-drying water-based protective coating which can be applied to press right after the links. This clear coating provides a protective surface which guards the printed piece from dirt, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches as well as speeds up the drying time. Aqueous coating improves postcards durability as they go through mail or are inserted in pockets. It may also be applied to brochures, covers, flyers, and other visual ads.


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